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Ultrasonic Extraction of Medicinal Mushrooms

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Good quality ultrasonic homogenizer for sales
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Ultrasonic Extraction of Medicinal Mushrooms

Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) is mainly consumed as an extract. Hot water extraction, which is a traditional method preparing chaga mushroom extract, has limitations requiring a large amount of solvent and long extraction time. The objective of this study was to compare non-traditional methods for extracting bioactive compounds in chaga mushroom with traditional hot water extraction. β-Glucans and total phenolic compounds were the highest in high temperature and pressure extract. Enzyme extract contained more β-glucans than hot water extract. Enzyme and ultrasound extracts contained more triterpenoids than the hot water extract.

Medicinal mushrooms are known since ancient times for their exceptional health benefits. Recently, medicinal fungi turn into a mainstream commodity to improve health and to boost energy. In order to experience the full spectrum of health supporting effects of medicinal fungi, compounds such as polysaccharides must be released from the mushroom cells. Ultrasonic extraction is an excellent technique to isolate bioactive compounds from botanicals, such as Reishi, Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Chaga etc.

Ultrasonic waves are also non-toxic and chemical-free. All of these factors improve the shelf-life, stability, quality and safety of products extracted using UAE, with the additional bonus of offering a more environmentally friendly method of extraction.

Why Mushroom Extracts?

Mushroom extracts are advantageous since only small amounts consumed have the same effects as when large amounts of mushroom powders are ingested, which is necessary to obtain the desired effects. Ultrasonic Extraction of Polysaccharides To isolate polysaccharides (such as alpha-glucans and beta-glucans), triterpenes and other bioactive compounds from medicinal mushrooms, ultrasonic extraction is the most convenient, effective, and efficient technique. Other beneficial components found in many edible mushrooms are selenium, vitamin D and vitamin B3. By intense ultrasonication, the cell walls of fungi (which are made of chitin) are perforated and lysed so that the chemical compounds such as polysaccharides, vitamins etc. are released into the surrounding solvent.

Ultrasonic extraction is highly efficient releasing the full spectrum of bioactive compounds within a very short extraction time in comparison to traditional extraction techniques. After extraction, the bioactive compounds can be separated and purified by filtration, distillation / evaporation and precipitation in order to prepare highly concentrated, highly effective mushroom extracts. Those mushroom extracts are later processed into medicines, dietary supplements, functional food ingredients, tinctures, and tonics.


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