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Glass Ultrasonic Homogeneous Reactor

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Glass Ultrasonic Homogeneous Reactor

Ultrasonic Emulsification Reactor through its “cavitation effect” to realize the emulsification of oil blended with water, emulsification of water mixed with oil, the mixture and homogenization of dispersed phase and continuous phase, it’s modern chemical technology to instead of propeller, colloid mill and other traditional emulsification technology.


Ultrasonic small scale flow reactors have found increasing popularity among researchers as
they serve as a very useful platform for studying and controlling ultrasound mechanisms and effects.
This has led to the use of these reactors for not only research purposes, but also various applications
in biological, pharmaceutical and chemical processes mostly on laboratory and, in some cases, pilot


ultrasonic series instruments use the cavatition of ultrasonic to disperse the coacervate particle. It put the

required processing of particulate suspension (liquid phase) in the super sound field, use appropriate ultrasonic

amplitude and duration to process.


Due to the inherent characteristics of powder particles coacervate, so for some powder which could not be dispersed

well in medium, you could add the right amount of dispersant to keep the dispersed steady state, general could reach

dozens of nanometers, even more small.



These obvious advantages of ultrasonic emulsification has prompted it in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, paper

making, paint, fuel thermal power, fuel central air conditioning, petroleum, metallurgy and many other industrial process

has been applied more and more, including down fuel combustion is an important project to rise.

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